This class has been one of my favorites in the certificate program given my own background. That said, there were several tools/mediums I hadn’t actually executed on before, and that was a welcome change. Specifically, while I’ve dabbled in recording and video, I haven’t ever actually done prep for a podcast, and definitely not a live stream. I found both quite exciting – especially the podcast piece. In my past I did a little radio, so am surprised I haven’t gravitated more to the medium. I think for me it was not recognizing the asynchronous nature of podcasts having been used to a set schedule. That said, you can do both! The screencasting is also something I think I might do more of, certainly professionally but also for side projects.

Throughout the course I’ve appreciated the constructionist approach. I really like how each technology task was explained, and then multiple ways were presented to tackle it, making a small puzzle out of each exercise. I think this serves the learners well, and the trickle down to their own students. Being told what tool to use can be a big turn-off; providing choice makes people feel empowered and creative – even finding solutions not previously thought of.

For me, E-Learning without mixed digital media is more-or-less doomed. People are used to having a choice in format and structure and the approach with this class addressed both. Having an artifact at the end of a given exercise makes digital content more tangible – beyond text on a page – people can learn from current tools and be prepared for new ones as they appear online.

My portfolio site will serve me well. This class afforded my an opportunity to do a significant update from my pervious iteration, and I’ve been able to include content from our class, also being inspired on other possible artifacts, lists and resources. I’ve always thought everyone should have a website, and tuning mine up was of immense value as I use it when looking for new opportunities and contract work.